XR Project Gallery

Explore inspiring projects from the XR Mentorship Program Africa 2023.

EyeCheck XR

Innovation meets vision.

Marcella Salako – [email protected]


A gamified learning experience using augmented reality and hybrid interactions for children, as a start 😉

Mennat Allah Salama Taha – [email protected]


An innovative data visualization tool that revolutionizes decision-making through immersive dashboards, real-time collaboration, and a user-friendly interface.

Landry Bougang Fotso – [email protected]

Med AI

An immersive medical educational VR experience allowing users to explore the intricacies of the human body in real-time while featuring a groundbreaking vocal interaction AI companion.

Micheal Nwankwo – [email protected]Portfolio


Gamified platform for talent discovery and showcasing portfolios.

Iyobosa Rehoboth – [email protected]

Bayo (African Game)

A multiplayer game steeped in African tradition.

Gani Wakzin Nenfort – [email protected]

Mother Tongue

An immersive XR language learning application focused on African languages.

Akorede da Silva – [email protected]Portfolio

Climate Wàhàlà

A geolocated multiplayer Augmented Reality (AR) game that encourages players to prevent carbon dioxide emissions from reaching a critical level within a set time frame.

Alex Eniola – [email protected]Portfolio

Lusiche Ngoma XR

Preserving indigenous African instruments.

Elizabeth Imbogo – [email protected]


Description coming soon.